Distractions (translation; excuses)

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This is a tough post for me. I started my program with so much energy and the hope that I would just say ” I’m ready to change!” and presto I’d keep it up. Needless to say it hasn’t been that easy.

Life happens, and it has created countless distractions, (or should I say excuses) for me not to work out as hard as I need to. Excuses like:

  1. I need to finish my work. This is a terrible excuse. Honestly, if I needed to finish work, I ¬†should have taken care of it while I was there. Finishing the task in front of me needs to be my only focus. This means if I’m at work, I need to finish my work. And if I’m at the gym, I need be 100% focused while I’m there. This will no longer fly. Excuse 1, defeated.
  2. The weather.¬†As a Texan living in NYC, I will find any reason not to leave my house during the winter or to head straight home to avoid being in the cold. But if I’m already out of the house, this isn’t a viable excuse. Besides, I want to look and feel the best I can wherever I go, and that’s only possible if I keep going to the gym. Excuse 2, conquered.
  3. Food! The first two on my list are plainly excuses, but my kryptonite seems to be food! Especially pizza…and wings. Cooking my food everyday and knowing the ingredients that I put in my meals is extremely important to my program. I allowed myself to stray and eat out, but I’m refocusing, and I’m not allowing food to have power over me anymore. Excuse 3, crushed.

I need to instill more discipline in my routine and hold myself accountable for when I let distractions get in my way. I am the only person who can keep myself motivated. Just as I have to remind myself, keep reminding yourself, “I am better than the last time I did this”. I’m ready to make this dream a reality! Until next time, good luck!

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