Leg day fun

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Whats up guys! Today is my favorite day of the week, leg day!! I know many people dislike leg day with a passion since it gives you the wobbly legs, but I am here to assure you that leg day will be your favorite day for these main factors alone.

  1. You burn more calories. Challenging larger muscle groups in multi-joint exercises like dead lifts, lunges, or squats requires more energy for you to exert and therefore burn more calories
  2. Increased metabolism. I need my body to go harder and run faster while still processing the great foods I’m placing into my body. Leg day does this more than any other muscle group workout.
  3. Injury reducer. Lunges and squats help with stability in your body, which according to experts is great for reducing injuries to your ACL.
  4. Balanced body. Creating a balanced body is very important to transforming yourself. Guys, I know we are the biggest culprit of this error. We will have superior upper bodies and legs that aren’t fit to hold up a loaf of bread. Think of your legs as the foundation for you house. You can’t build that dream house on a frail foundation, now can you?

IMG_3661 IMG_3667

I spent about 70 minutes in the gym today. Dedicating 35 mins to the weight lifting part of my legs ( squats, leg extensions, hack squats and lunges ) and the other 35 minutes to intense cardio so that I burn about 450 calories. Once again cardio is very important if you are trying to lose weight and sculpt your body. I’m happy that I have put three very intense and productive days together in the gym. I want to make sure I keep the consistency up because I can’t have you guys potentially out working me ;).

Until next time friends let’s make sure you that are better than the last time. Keep up the great work all!


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