Snow Day Woes!

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Man, if I’ve learned anything it’s this: when you are trying to change your life in a positive way, obstacles come RUNNING to set you back. Here I am four days strong in the gym and what goes wrong? Snowpocalypse hits NYC and I’m stuck for two days straight! Why have the gods forsaken me! Okay, I’ll stop being so dramatic. But being trapped was NOT conducive to me trying to stay on a routine.

Have no fear! I switched up my plan and did a great workout in my apartment. Granted the gym will win out every day, but you can always get a great workout in using your own body weight. Now since it was chest day, I made it my goal to do a total of 300 push ups in different variations. Broken up into sets of 25, the push ups went from easy to ‘oh my dang this is hard!’ I achieved this because I only allowed myself short rests in between sets. This only took me about 20 minutes but I definitely had a good sweat going.

After that I did my trusted ab workout. 18 minutes and a few curses later, I’m done. Transforming is fun, right?! I really hope that you all are staying strong with your workouts and never letting anything get in your way to success. You will be better than the last time and we can make this happen together! Until next time, Don’t let me out work you!

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