The Plateau Effect

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I had begun to notice that even when I was at the gym and eating correctly, I was still maintaining my weight. This was seriously baffling me. I had been following this plan to a T! After talking to one of my good friends about this, the light bulb went off. I learned that weight lifting was not the cause of this, rather, the cardio was not enough for me.

Side note: once I stopped playing basketball for my University, I needed a new challenge in my life. In basketball you sprint and maybe run 5 miles if you got in trouble, but mostly you just sprint. I had to challenge myself to become a distance runner. And I did. From 2013-2015 I trained myself to become a half marathon runner. Believe it or not, I did well.

Back to my dilemma. I was following the routine perfectly, but the cardio planned simply wasn’t intense enough for me. I was plateauing, so I wasn’t seeing any results. Since this revelation I’ve increased my cardio, and already I feel the results! Hopefully this will be the catalyst I need to get myself back on track. Until next time, don’t let me out work you!

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