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Today I want to talk about the importance of having a good support system. Over the years I have been extremely self motivated. My younger self  would say that it was 90% me that got me to where I am in my life. I’m here to tell you that my younger self would be a liar!

There is no way I could have ever been the athlete or man I was without a strong support group who constantly had my back, even (and especially) when I didn’t know it.

Fast forward to today and I have learned to give respect where respect is due. I have had the desire to start a fitness blog for a very long time. Every fitness blogger I see is in unbelievable shape and it seems a bit daunting rather than motivating to try and achieve those goals.

My plan was to show the ups and downs of transforming yourself into the the person you wan to be. Well, this blog and my progress would have never made it this far if I didn’t have the full support of my friend, editor, and colleague Sabrina Goldfarb .IMG_4930

Sabrina is the author of, and co-founder of SabJ Productions. Most importantly, she has been a huge spark in getting my blog up an running. She has put in countless hours behind the scenes into editing, helping develop content, and the over all direction of my blog.  Keeping her ears to the streets, she is on top of what I should talk about next as well as making sure that I am on top of my workouts. While I do have support coming from other areas in my life with this venture, none have had more impact than her.

There will be many that say the only person you should ever depend on is yourself, and I’m here to say that is completely true! But when you find an individual that is willing to go above and beyond to help you out, you embrace it. I could never imagine letting myself down, so that feeling doubles and triples when someone has placed their faith in me as well. I make sure I hit the gym as much as I can to show that you too can hit all of the fitness goals that you have.FIT49

If you have that Sabrina in your life make sure that you don’t take them for granted. Let them help you out as much as they are willing to. If you don’t have that person, be that person for someone else. Be the supportive person who will back up your friends and push them in their dreams. I’m fully aware that we live in a take take take world, let’s change the formula and give your time and energy to support a friend, partner or significant other.

Being better than the last time means so much more than your fitness goals. Be a better person, friend, parent, child, sibling, anything than the last time.

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