Your body is your temple and the need to treat it as such is important to your daily transformation. Eating, resting, breathing and stretching will become the pillars of success.


First off, let’s get rid of the word diet and its negative associations that come along with it. You should never dread your next meal because it is only healthy and not tasty. there are literally thousands of meals out there that are healthy and great for your taste buds. I will be offering some of my favorite meals to everyone that are simple to make and taste amazing!


Some people believe in working out 7 days a week is the fastest way for them to see a result. While this in true in some instances, I believe that rest is one of the most important factors in your workout plan. Having 1-2 days of rest throughout the week is imperative for the growth of your muscles after you have broken them down from your workout.


Don’t I already know how to breathe? Well, yes..But breathing correctly while working out is a different ball game.This can literally be the difference between you running an extra 10 mins during your cardio or lifting the few reps. Making sure you are receiving enough oxygen will improve your endurance and keep you in the game for the long haul.


I’ll be honest, this is one part of my workouts i used to always skip until I noticed one very unfortunate thing kept happening to me. Injuries! Man, it seemed like every 2-3 months I was pulling a muscle here, straining something there. All of this is minimized if only I’d taken the proper time to warm up before my workouts.I repeat DO NOT SKIP YOUR STRETCHING. Trust me your doctor bills and setbacks will cut dramatically if you take the extra time to prepare for your workouts or your day.